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Property tax relief is on the tip of the tongue of everyone I visit with on my meet and greet travels through the district.

It is part of our State Constitution that every child should have access to free education, K-12. Education is an investment in our collective future, and the Legislature is obligated to provide (pay for) the instruction of our children.   

What does this mean in the 38th Legislative district?  The district is the home of 15 schools. It is the home of over 1.5 million acres of farm ground. Property taxes are assessed based on the market value of the farm ground, but the income from the farm does not always support that assessment. Property taxes are the primary source of income for the schools, and that becomes an undue burden on the property owner, farmers and homeowners alike.

We must find a long-term solution to fulfilling the obligation to educate without putting the responsibility on the backs of the ag community. If elected, ensuring the success of District 38’s communities, for property owners and schoolchildren alike, will be my top priority.